11 Mildly Amusing Pie Charts About Video Games

Not gonna lie–this collection of video game pie charts is filler content. That’s why it’s only mildly amusing. Enjoy!


Maybe things would be different if he were a Level 85 Paladin.

Level 80 Paladin



Clearly this pie chart is about Mario Kart.

You Lose! Good Day Sir



Sad but true.

The Rock Band Effect



I do this too, except afterwards I cry a little on the inside for having wasted two hours of my life.

Level Fail



Fact: 100% of all movies based on video games suck.

Video Game Movies



I’ve choked a bitch for a lot less.

STFU Already



Since when is dying in video games not a legitimate reason?

Reasons I Use Profanities



This is the worst kind of pain.

Reasons I Stopped Playing an RPG



This never gets old.


Pac-Man Pie Chart



Are there really people who don’t know who Pac-Man is?

Never Heard of Pac-Man

Bonus Pie Chart

This one isn’t about video games (unless we’re counting virtual Simon) but I just love it to pieces so I’m posting it anyway.


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