A Nightmare on Sesame Street

Here’s something cool from the big pile of crap I’ve been meaning to post since being out on vacation: Sesame Street characters as horror movie villains! This awesome/demented mashup was created by artist Isaac Bidwell, who I’m automatically a fan of because his bio says he learned how to draw by drawing Ninja Turtles.

Elmo as Freddy Kreuger

Elmo as Freddy Kreuger

Snuffy as Jason Voorhees

Murray as Jason

Bert as Michael Myers

Bert as Michael Myers

Ernie as Chucky

Ernie as Chucky

Big Bird as Pinhead

Big Bird Pinhead

Zombie Telly

“B” is for braaaaaains!

Telly in The Shining

Cookie Monster as Leatherface

Oscar in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Prairie Dawn of the Dead

Prairie Dawn of the Dead Zombie

Animal the Arachnid

Animal Arachnophobia

Prints can be purchased from Bidwell’s Dr. Frankenwell Etsy shop, where he also sells other cool horror-themed pop culture artwork. I know you want to see Mario and Luigi as the creepy twins from The Shining. Don’t even pretend like you don’t.

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