If/when I have kids, I will teach them ‘The ABCs of Death.’

Check this crazy shit out.

The ABCs of Death is an upcoming horror movie from Drafthouse Films that consists of 26 shorts by 26 different directors depicting 26 horrific ways to die–that’s one for every letter of the alphabet. Fun fact: “T” is for toilet!

I’m a sucker for anthology cult and horror films like Trick ‘r Treat, Grindhouse and Creepshow, so I’ll probably order this on January 31 when it hits On Demand. Or I’ll wait a few weeks and save it for Valentine’s Day because I’m romantic like that.

Besides, is this not one of the coolest posters you’ve ever seen? Why has it taken this long to give the world a poster with a baby on Death’s lap? I’m even willing to overlook the fact that they used Trajan font.

ABCs of Death Poster

[via Dread Central]

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