All praise Baby Jesus Kraang!

This is my submission for the 2012 Action Figure Nativity contest that’s going on over at Lair of the Dork Horde.  I don’t have many toys besides the new TMNT stuff and some odd Mario and Homestar Runner figurines, so I had to get a little creative.

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Action Figure Nativity

Here’s a breakdown of everyone’s role:

  • Baby Jesus = Kraang (or one of the Kraang, I should say)
  • Joseph = Master Splinter
  • Mary = April O’Neil (before you start going “Ewwwww!” just remember it was immaculate conception.)
  • 1st Wise Man = Leonardo, offering the gift of katana.
  • 2nd Wise Man = Raphael, offering the gift of sai.
  • 3rd Wise Man = Michaelangelo, offering the gift of nunchucku. (He’s third because he’s not very wise, you see.)
  • Shepard = Donatello, shepherding his terrapin livestock as well as The Cheat, who I think passes for an animal.
  • Angel = Shredder. Bet you didn’t see that one coming.
  • Little Drummer Boy = Strong Bad, because he’s got the phat beats.

And majestically looking over this miraculous scene is Kraang’s empty robot body, shining down the Power Star of Bethlehem.  Oh yeah, also there’s Strong Mad in the center there, holding up the cradle for Baby Jesus Kraang. His role is more utilitarian in nature, which is perhaps why he’s so mad. And Strong Sad is sad nobody noticed him.

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