Are you ready to go on a World Wide Webscapade!?

Reblogging because 90s!

You’re still running Windows 95, right? Someone over at College Humor–presumably named Douglas Engelbert–has created a browser-based game (and I’m using the word “game” pretty loosely here) where literally all you have to do is scroll your mouse! Note the extreme mid-90′s aesthetics. You haven’t seen graphics this intense since Game Genie.

[Start Scrollin'!]

Scrollin' Adventure

Take a ride on the information superhighway to hone your scrollmanship and do battle with the evil Scrollex! Just be sure not to miss the Jam Break at the halfway point–you’ll be rewarded with awesome music and there’s just enough time to go get some Dunkaroos.


I was just kidding about Windows 95, by the way. Though I’m kinda secretly hoping there’s one of you still out there who never upgraded for some crazy reason, browsing this page on Netscape.

[via Topless Robot]

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