WOOF WOOF WOOF!! Arsenio Hall Returns to TV in Fall 2013

Arsenio Hall

Unlike my last post, here’s something from the 80s and early 90s that I’d actually welcome back with enthusiasm:

Arsenio Hall’s latenight comeback is on track for a fall 2013 debut. CBS TV Distribution has cleared the show on stations covering 85 percent of U.S. TV households. The still untitled show has been cleared largely on the same kind of stations that carried his first show in the late 1980s and early 90s: Fox affiliates and indie outlets now affiliated with the CW. Tribune Broadcasting’s stations are the show’s core launch group, as announced in June.

Hall’s return to latenight was spearheaded in large part by Sean Compton, Tribune Broadcasting’s prexy of programming and entertainment. “Tribune’s investment in Arsenio reflects our belief in the success of the show, and we are thrilled our broadcast peers are equally excited,” said Compton. [via Variety]

Arsenio Hall was the first late night talk show I ever watched religiously. Arsenio showcased all the hottest acts of the day, including up and actors, musicians, and fresh, young hip hop acts. At the time it was the hippest talk show on television. I was really bummed when it got cancelled.

Now, on a more important note: does anyone know where I can buy a jacket like the one Arsenio is wearing above??

It’s Arseniooooooooooooooooooooo Hall!

For old time’s sake, here’s a couple of my favorite clips & interviews from The Arsenio Hall Show:

Michael Jackson’s Surprise Guest Appearance


Jason Vorhees Interview


2Pac Interview


Paula Abdul Performs “Straight Up”


Bobcat Goldthwait Interview


Vanilla Ice Interview


Digital Underground Performs “The Humpty Dance”


Milli Vanilli Interview


Technotronic Performs “Get Up”


Snoop Dogg Interview


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