Beautiful Bass Guitar Covers of ‘Gray Matter’ & ‘Gabriel Knight’ Themes

Guitar Cover of 'Gray Matter' & 'Gabriel Knight' Themes

Music is one of the most memorable things about Jane Jensen’s dark and mysterious adventure games, especially the music in Gray Matter and Gabriel Knight. Both games’ musical scores were composed by the extraordinarily talented Robert Holmes, who also happens to be Jane’s husband.

Currently the pair are wrapping up the final three days of their KickStarter project for Pinkerton Road–Jane Jensen’s new community-supported game studio that will soon be bringing us the all new metaphysical sci-fi adventure game thriller, Moebius.

To help generate extra buzz during these last few days of the campaign, Pinkerton Road supporter Alejandro Tiscornia, a very talented musician, released these simply gorgeous bass guitar covers of songs from Gray Matter and Gabriel Knight.

Gray Matter “David’s Theme”

An ethereal, hauntingly beautiful rendition of “David’s Theme,” which can be heard during Gray Matter’s title screen as well as echoed as a recurring theme throughout the game:


Gabriel Knight “Lake Pontchartrain”

A groovy, edgy (and dare I say sexy?) version of “Lake Pontchartrain,” the theme you hear when Gabriel is investigating the crime scene around the lake of the same name:


Although the Pinkerton Road KickStarter has already surpassed its original $300,000 goal, Jane has promised some amazing extras if pledges reach $400,000 and beyond:

  • If we get to $400K: We’ll add a longer, fully cinematic opening sequence / trailer that will blow you away and help us get people lining up to buy the game, setting the tone for this new Pinkerton Road series. PLUS Moebius on LINUX!
  • If we get to $450K: All the above, plus an extra 1000 lines of dialogue to flush out the game and we’ll record the main theme with a live orchestra (Bob is drooling over that one).

If you’re a fan of Jane Jensen’s games, or a fan of classic point-and-click adventure games in general and are hearing about this project for the first time, please consider pledging! For only $16 you’ll get a copy of what’s shaping up to be one of the best adventure games ever made.

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