Drooling Over the ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ Trailer [PS3]

Beyond: Two Souls - PS3 Exclusive

At yesterday’s Sony’s E3 press conference, Quantic Dream unveiled their follow-up to the critically acclaimed Heavy Rain (also known as the reason I bought a PS3). It’s another dramatic thriller with stunning, movie-quality visuals called Beyond: Two Souls and stars the lovely, super-talented actress Ellen Page (Whip It*).

Here’s the big, beautiful trailer — try not to drool all over yourself:


The game follows a young woman, Jodie Holmes, across the course of her life and is about human existence and what lies beyond. (Sources: Joystiq, Kotaku)

And like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls will also be a PS3 exclusive. For more jaw-dropping images of Beyond: Two Souls, check out Kotaku’s screenshots gallery.

*I bet you thought I was going to credit Ellen Page with her Oscar-winning film Juno. Ha! I thought I’d give a little love to Whip It, her much lesser-known and underrated roller derby film. Drew Barrymore needs to direct more movies.

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