These Romance Pants are for the ladies.

Romance Pants

This has to be the greatest/creepiest Instructables project I’ve ever seen:

Romance Pants are a pair of pants that dims the room lighting and raises the stereo in relation to the fly zipper being pulled down. Of course it does not stop there. The romantic coup de grace involves electronically ignited candles triggered by the unbuttoning of the waist button. This subtle sensual assault is sure to shock and awe any prospective partner into ecstatic submission. As the evening progresses, this smarty-pants technology will undoubtedly to set the mood to the appropriate level of ‘getting it on.’ Romance pants are definitely where the future lay.

If, after reading that, you’re wishing there was a video so you can see these miracles of modern science in action for yourself, you’re in luck because there’s totally a video. Perv.

I can think of a few characters that would love a pair of these pants.


Austin Powers

Pepe La Pew

Leisure Suit Larry

Ron Burgundy

The Continental

I’m already planning what music I’m going to set my Romance Pants to.

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