Indie Games Radar: To the Moon, Owlboy, EDGE

Indie GamesIndie Games Radar is a pre­view of new and upcom­ing inde­pen­dent games that I’m really excited about.

Some really interesting picks this week:  To the Moon is a serious JRPG-style game that explores death and regret; vertical platformer Owlboy is a soaring adventure with gorgeous 2D graphics, and the award-winning iOS game EDGE finally gets a Steam release.

To the Moon


Developer: Freebird Games
Platform: PC
Release Date: Fall 2011

To the Moon is an RPG/adventure game about two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish.  There exists a technology that allows doctors to weave artificial memories, such that a patient can request attempts to alter their mind and wake up with memories of things that didn’t actually happen.  This particular story follows Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts’ attempt to fulfill the dream of an elderly man, Johnny, whose dying wish is to go the moon.  With each step back in time, a new fragment of Johnny’s curious past is revealed.  And as the two doctors piece together the puzzled events that spanned a lifetime, they seek to find out just why the frail old man chose his dying wish to be what it is.



Developer: D-Pad Studio
Platform: PC, XBLA (& Steam?)
Release Date: Demo Available August 12, 2011

Owlboy is a vertical platform-adventure game.  You play as Otus, a young Owl, who sets out on an adventure when his village is attacked by sky pirates.  Feature a deep storyline, emotion-based dialogue, open environments, massive dungeons…oh yeah, and goldfish with tophats!



Developer: Mobigame
Platform: iOS, Steam
Release Date: August 11, 2011 (Steam)

EDGE, the award-winning, retro-styled platform game previously only available on iOS is now coming to Steam!

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