Joey Lawrence is a Stripper Now

You probably haven’t thought about Joey Lawrence since the early ’90s when his popular stint on Blossom gave the world “WHOA!,” his signature catchphrase.

Blossom - Joey Lawrence

And some of you haven’t thought about Joey Lawrence since he was famous for being that cute kid on Gimme a Break.

Gimme a Break - Joey Lawrence

And there’s probably even a few of you who have no idea who the hell I’m talking about. I envy you people.

Those of you who do know who Joey Lawrence is will be happy to hear he’s still got it.

As TMZ reported last month, Joey Lawrence, now age 36, has joined the legendary Las Vegas Chippendales male dancers. For a limited time he’ll be taking his clothes off and presumably wearing the famous Chippendales bowtie whilst thrusting his nether regions to cheesy music.

The only problem is that he looks like this now:

Joey Lawrence Chippendales

The only way I’m paying money to see Joey Lawrence strip is if he’ll let me put a bag over his head.

Just for shiggles, here’s some incredibly weird but lulzy gangster montage of Joey Lawrence’s “WHOA!” phase that somebody on YouTube made:


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