Yeah, Mr. Wizard was kind of a dick.

If you grew up in the 80s, Mr. Wizard’s World, the half-hour long science show for kids–hosted by Mr. Wizard himself, Don Herbert–was required viewing. But did you ever get the feeling Mr. Wizard was kind of a dick? For the poor, dumb kids on his show, every experiment was an opportunity for failure and for Mr. Wizard to snidely point out their mistakes. You know he lived for that shit. When he wasn’t lording his superior knowledge of science over children, he was using it to endanger their lives.

Tweeps @DianeBullock and @mcs212 have put together this hilarious clip that compiles some of Mr. Wizard’s dickiest moments. Watch it, laugh at it, and then forgive me for tainting your memories of one of the best shows from the classic era of Nickelodeon.


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