My Favorite RPG of All Time is Coming to iOS This Week [Lunar]

Lunar: Silver Star Story

In gaming news that makes me intensely nostalgic for my Sega CD days, Touch Arcade is reporting that Lunar: Silver Star Story will be making its debut on iOS, aptly re-titled as Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch.

In fact, a year after its intended release window and details on Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch have been basically non-existent. Until this morning, when SoMoGa emailed us to let us know that Lunar Touch was heading to the App Store later this week. No specific day is mentioned but we’d imagine it’ll come along with this week’s set of new releases on Wednesday night.

[via Touch Arcade]

Lunar: The Silver Star, along with its sequel, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, are two of my favorite RPGs of all time and one of the primary reasons you owned a Sega CD back in the day. I loved these games so much I used to draw pictures of the characters in middle school.

Both games later went on to be re-released on PlayStation with much better graphics, story enhancements and gorgeous cinematic cutscenes that put the Sega CD versions to shame–but both of those original games still hold a special place in my heart for introducing me to the world of Lunar, the Dragonmaster heroes, and the Goddess Althena.

Here’s the original Sega CD version of the opening sequence:


And here’s the revamped PlayStation version:


A mobile version of Lunar that I could re-play on my iPad will be awesome.

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