My New Favorite Tumblr: Toy Box Kids

Ever notice how obnoxiously happy the kids and families they show on toy boxes are? Like playing with that toy is the greatest goddamn thing that’s ever happened in their lives, no matter how shitty the toy is?

Very rarely are such embarrassing displays of enthusiasm over a toy completely warranted, say, that Christmas morning when you opened your Nintendo 64. But in toy box world these types of reactions are the norm. And not only are the kids excited, but Mom and Dad look just as thrilled to be part of the action with big, smug grins that indicate their hard-earned money was well spent on a product that shut those damn brats up for a few hours.

I found a great Tumblr today that chronicles these phony depictions of toy life where “toy box families are having fun forever!” Here’s a sampling of some of the retro cheesiness you’ll find there:

Snafu Maze Game

Stanley Cup Power Play

Double Trouble

[via Tumblr: Toy Box Kids]

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