Mystery Solved: The Elusive Second Couch of ‘Full House’

Okay. Full House. House full of people, right? You’ve got a family of six–Danny, Joey, Uncle Jesse, DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle–annoying neighbor Kimmy Gibbler, and (depending on which season you’re watching) the live-in Katsopolis clan–Becky, Nicky and Alex, and I suppose we should also count Vicky. So where is all the damn furniture??

I’m possibly the only person to have ever wondered or even cared, but it has never made sense to me that the Tanner family living room is severely lacking in adequate seating. One dinky blue plaid loveseat for that many people?

Full House, Crowded Lovseat

That’s way too many Tanners (and one-too-many Gibblers) for such a tiny couch. It’s something that’s never sat right with me.

Tonight I was browsing the archives over at Full House Reviewed, a hilarious blog that’s in the process of reviewing every single episode in chronological order, written by a guy who hates Full House so much that he loves it (seriously, go check it out, it’s some funny-ass shit!) and happened upon this post which finally solved the mystery for me in the form of a screencap from Season 1, Episode 19, “The Seven-Month Itch, Part 1.” There are TWO couches!

Full House Second Couch

Finally, I’ll be able to sleep.

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