‘Play Games’ Page Updated (Finally)

Free GamesMy poor Play Games page has been neglected for an awfully long time.

I had high ambitions for it when I first put it up, but to be honest, I just kind of forgot about it.  So for the past year or so it’s only had two games on it. Sorry about that.

Today I finally got around to fixing things up over there.  I added a ton of free games to my collection and spruced up the layout a bit with a fun vintage television set theme.  Basically it’s no longer the big pile of suck that it once was.  I’ll also continue to add more games as I go along, because I’m sure I’ve overlooked stuff.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in the collection:

  • Freeware browser & HTML5 games
  • Old school adventure games
  • Pure text adventures
  • Retrocade games
  • Virtual 80′s toys
  • Interactive books
  • And other fun stuff & things!

Now you have no excuses to be productive, doing whatever it is that productive people do. Head on over to my free games page and have some fun!

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