Some spoiler-free Batman humor while you anticipate TDKR.

Unless you’re one of those lucky bastards who got to see it early, most of us are just dicking around on the internet and staring at the clock today as we count down the hours and minutes until The Dark Knight Rises, which opens tonight at midnight.

My official stance on spoilers:

My TDKR Spoiler Reaction

How I feel right now:


On my way to the theater tonight:

What is love?

How I hope I’ll feel after seeing The Dark Knight Rises:

You will never be as happy as The Joker.


Gay Batman & Robin

You will never be this awesome.

Haters gonna hate.

Still waiting for my Batman to come save me.

Men vs. Batman


Psycho Batman

I came in your mask.

What it looks like when Robin comes:

Batman vs. Shark with Lightsaber




Batman Hates Chocolate

How Chris Nolan feels about your opinions.

Batman does not give a fuck.

Good life advice.

Always be Batman.

Batman's Emotional Range

In ten years:


God dammit, Clark.

This scene will, regrettably, not be in The Dark Knight Rises.


What people know about Batman

Nanananananana BATMAN

I hate it when that happens.

Batman Fail

Because cats.

Catman & Joker

Okay, I lied. There is one spoiler.

Batman Spoiler

And last but ESPECIALLY least…

Hey guys remember me?

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