I like SuperUndeadDragonGalaxy9. You should too.

By way of the Cult Film Club, I made a new friend on Facebook. His name is Michael. Hey there, Michael. I meet lots of cool people every day through social media, but not all of them love 80′s hair bands and Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie….and other awesomely bad cult films like Student Bodies and Swamp Thing. In other words, he’s my kind of people.

Michael is the curator of SuperUndeadDragonGalaxy9, a Facebook page which he describes as “a scatter-brained circus sideshow” that is filled with all kinds of awesome, underground stuff. Just casually passing through I saw lots of Doctor Who, amazing science videos, cult film trailers, and (holy crap!) My Little Pony Dubstep (which I chose to list mostly for my benefit).

When Michael’s not posting all kinds of awesome and/or weird randomness on his Facebook page, he’s most likely listening to kickass music and has given me some great recommendations, which I will totally be posting about soon.

Like it, why don’t you?

SuperUndeadDragonGalaxy9 is a relatively new page and needs more Likes–so I’m demanding (yes, demanding!) you help him out. Um, please?

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