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Friday Lulz: The ‘Samuel L. Barkson’ Edition


Can you imagine what it would be like for Samuel L. Jackson to be your dog? BARK MOTHERFUCKER, DO YOU SPEAK IT?

Samuel L. Barkson

Them Mutha Fucka’s is tasty!

Mutha Fuckas

Samuel L. Jackson always wins at Guess Who.

Guess Who?

But you’ll always win at Magic when you lay this down.

SLJ Magic Card

I want to frame this and hang it in my living room.


Friday Lulz: The ‘Shark Eating Puppies’ Edition

Friday LulzI’m leaving for the beach in approximately 15 hours from now, which means it’s pretty hard to concentrate on work today.

And here’s how awesome my co-worker is: knowing that I’m leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow, he sent me a link to this article about a series of random shark attacks that happened there just yesterday. Because he’s a swell guy.

My goal for today’s lulz is to not be terrified when I go swimming tomorrow.

It’s a Shark…Eating Puppies. Yup.

Pretty much the best picture you will see today:


By the way, it occurs to me just now that you may have thought I meant “shark-eating puppies,” as in puppies who eat sharks, which would certainly be an awesome thing to see. Sorry to disappoint. This is the closest thing I could find:

Puppy in a Shark Costume

Holy Sardine, Batman!

Shawn over at one my favorite blogs Branded in the 80s sent me this Batastic clip today in response to my question about why there isn’t such a thing as spray-on shark repellent.


He also gave me this great idea:

Baby Toss

Shark Attack 3: Megalodon

Better than Jaws, IMO.


Hurrr I’m a shark.


Ball Pit Shark

Fuck You Shark, You Are Drunk!

Space Shark

Land Shark


Friday Lulz: The Raphael is Gangsta Edition

Friday Lulz

This is one of those rare weekends that I’m actually not looking forward to. I’ll be busting my ass all day Saturday helping my sister move, working all day Sunday, and hating life for not having time to go see Prometheus.

Today’s batch of lulz are my coping mechanism.

Raphael is Gangsta

I’ve been meaning to post these for quite a while. I don’t even care that they’re over four years old, this shit is gold. Besides, Raphael is fucking badass and he’s my favorite Turtle. This belongs on my blog.


Don’t miss Part 2 and Part 3 either.

Fresh Young Balki B

Balki Bartokomous is gangsta too.


‘Game of Thrones’ Theme + Squeaky Toys

It’s UNPOSSIBLE not to giggle at this. Wins the prize for creativity, as well as my heart.


59 Minutes of Circus Afro

I’ve only been able to make it through two.


‘The Lost Boys’ Sax Man Scene Remixed

This is what Michael was really staring at.


Name 10 Things that Aren’t Skrillex

Yeah, I know, I’ve posted this before but it’s fucking great.


Friday Lulz: The Four Twenty Edition

Today’s batch of lulz are best served freshly baked.

If you find yourself trying to comprehend what it is you’re witnessing or asking too many questions, you’re doing it wrong.

Satanic Salad

Dinner’s served bitchessssssss.


Paula Deen on Ludes

Krispy Kreme cheeseburgers = DIABEETUS.


So, you’ve been poisoned…

I don’t remember Full House being this amazing.


Old People Rapping

They ridin’ dirty.*


*Because diapers.

How to Tell You’re Partying Too Hard

Photos like this surface.













Friday Lulz: The “Titanic Was Real?” Edition

Happy Friday the 13th! Are you one of those people who have an irrational fear of this date? Then you probably have something called friggatriskaidekaphobia. You should look into that.

In today’s edition of Friday Lulz, I lose all faith in humanity but then Hillary Clinton totally restores it. Huzzah!

Twitter Learns the Titanic Was Real

“OMG you guys, the TITANIC was a REAL SHIP!!!!!!!!”

Yes, kids today are really this dumb. Warning: reading these tweets may cause you to want to inflict violence on random high schoolers.

Twitter - Titanic was real!?!?

(via LaughingSquid)

Rebecca Black Looks Exactly Like Young Penelope Cruz

Yup. This is for real.

Rebecca Black looks like young Penelope Cruz

(via @Brandius)

Nyan Waits

This doesn’t really need much of an explanation, so I’ll just leave it here:


 (via BuzzFeed)

Texting Guy Almost Runs into a Bear

Public service announcement: don’t text while walking around. Bad stuff will happen to you, it will end up on YouTube, and people like me will mock you in blog posts.


Bone Pugz-n-Harmony

Get it? It’s like Bone Thugz-n-Harmony except its Bone PUGZ-n-Harmony–with pugs! Hysterical! (Not really. But cute.)


Texts from Hillary: Memes Do Come True

I don’t know what’s more alarming: learning that Hillary Clinton is actually pretty cool, or that she knows more internet slang than I do.

Texts from Hillary

(via Upprrox)


Friday Lulz: The Skateboarding Gandalf Edition

Holy fucking shit,
It’s a Dinosaur!
Jesus Christ – What the fuck!?

Oh my fucking god,
fucking Dinosaurs!
Holy shit – what the fuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk!!!!

(This will make a lot more sense after you finish reading the rest of this post. Just go with it.)

Skateboarding Gandalf Holds Up Traffic

“Longboarding wizard dressed as Gandalf causes traffic commotion” wins the Awesome Headline Award, which is a prestigious accolade I just made up.

The YouTube video is well worth 10 seconds of your time, ’cause be honest–you wish you had the balls to do something this rad:



What started as a simple Tumblr maintained by two girlfriends to keep in touch by sharing funny animated GIFs with each other, #whatshouldwecallme  has gone viral and is now getting millions of hits a day.

What makes this any different from countless other Tumblrs that just collect a bunch of random, funny animated GIFs you ask? The accompanying scenario that each GIF is describing.

Go ahead and sample some of the lulz:








Hear Pinky and The Brain Drop F-Bombs

Yeah, I know I posted this yesterday but it’s so fucking great I think it deserves another mention.


The above clip is only a tiny fraction of the epic win that is Nerdist podcast #187 with childhood-defining voice actors Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche, which they discuss, among other things, masturbating while voice acting and brain-fucking people with comedy.

Pinky and The Brain Swearing

For more lulz as well as a few tender feel-good moments, I highly recommend listening to the whole thing.

Jurassic Park Theme Improves ANY Movie Trailer

Apollyon over at Adventures in Poor Taste (one of my new favorite blogs) made what is possibly the most amazing discovery of our time: that John Williams’ majestic theme for Jurassic Park is a magical piece of music that has the power to transform any shitty movie trailer into a film you’d consider watching.

It can even improve Titanic 3D–a film I’m really looking forward to not seeing this weekend:




Friday Lulz: The Drunk Bohemian Rhapsody Edition

Hey kids, it’s Friday! If your week has been anything like mine, you need a healthy dose of random funny shit to take the edge off.

Sucks that I’ve been having a bad week, but outside my little microcosm of frustration and fail, some pretty awesome shit has been happening. This week we learned there’ll be an Anchorman 2, Wayne’s World 3 is in the works, and that the new Ninja Turtles might not actually be aliens after all.

I feel better already.

Arrested Drunk Guy Sings Bohemian Rhapsody

When I first stumbled upon this last night, the thing only had a few hundred views. Right now it has well over a million. So you know it’s good.

And yes, the drunk guy sings THE WHOLE SONG.  Be sure to stick around ’till the very last moment to get some profound truth dropped on you.


Shitter – Wipe Your Ass with Someone’s Tweets

No, this is not a joke.  Shitter is a real app that will turn anyone’s Twitter stream into a roll of  soft, cottony custom toilet paper with their tweets printed on it. Now you can literally wipe your ass with someone’s tweets. Perfect for people who do nothing but tweet dumb shit all day–may I suggest Kanye West?

Ron Burgundy’s Bitchin’ Flute Solo

Anchorman 2 is happening. Anchorman 2 is happening! HOLY SHIT ANCHORMAN 2 IS HAPPENING. Sorry, I had to say it a few times to really believe it. Here’s Will Farrell delighting us with the announcement (and flute magic):


“Bayliens” TMNT is Officially My New Favorite Meme

Nobody asked for the Ninja Turtles to become aliens, but that’s how the new Michael Bay-produced Ninja Turtles film is shaping up. Even if it’s not completely true (despite what director Jonathan Liebseman says), the fan backlash has been one of the most fun trainwrecks I’ve ever been on.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best:

And for good measure:

Friday Lulz: The Captain Kitteh Edition

Because it’s Friday, I don’t feel well, and I have absolutely nothing better to post, that means it’s time for another Friday Lulz roundup.

This is where I bring you a handpicked collection of the shit that made me laugh the hardest this week.

Captain Kitteh

The look on his face says he has complete confidence in his ability to get you to your destination safely.

Captain Kitteh

Captain Kitteh is well on his way to becoming the next big meme after a Reddit user posted this stately looking cat in uniform yesterday.  The original image has already spawned over 250 variations. (Salute to UPROXX.)

Christopher Walken Reads Children’s Books

In this rare clip from a 1993 British TV show, Christopher Walken reads the classic fairy tale Three Little Pigs (while wearing a  fabulous neon sweater, I might add). It’s every bit as awesome as it sounds.


Willy  Wonka Finds You Fascinating

I want to shake hands with whoever started this Willy Wonka meme . It’s simple to create your own, just follow these steps:

Step 1:  “Oh, you _____________.”

Step 2:.  “You must ___________.”

Step 3:  ???

Step 4:  Profit!

Northface Jacket

Teen Mom


Salvador Dali

Friday Lulz: The Poopoozela Edition

Surprise Poop!

Seriously, I almost peed my pants at this.


Gliding and turning are the heart and soul of skateboarding.

Daniel Gezmer would like to introduce you to the magic of effortless gliding.


Dara O’Brian is Really Bad at Video Games

Did you know that game developers secretly hate you?