‘The Green Ruby Pumpkin’ Enchanting Halloween Short Film

I discovered this brilliant little gem of a short film this morning, which tells a Halloween fairy tale of sorts called “The Green Ruby Pumpkin.” It was created by visual effects artists Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma who say this film was their passion project, which is plain to see. It’s beautifully directed, full of bewitching, dream-like imagery, and perfectly captures the enchantment of Halloween.

The style of it reminds me of one of those glitzy Walgreen’s Halloween commercials which is no bad thing. I noticed the title card is emblazoned with “Madam Migna’s Tall Tales”–I wonder if we can look forward to more of these original fantasy film creations? The artists have set up a Tip Jar on Vimeo if you’d like to contribute to their next film project. This one blew me away.

[Thanks The Curious Brain!]

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