What Spotify Would Be Like if It Existed in the ’80s

I somehow missed this on Gizmodo this week — it’s a video created by Squirrel-Monkey.com that imagines what Spotify would look and sound like if it existed in the 1980′s.


I gotta say, though, I’m pretty disappointed that we don’t get to hear The Smurf Song.

I’m a huge Spotify junkie and have been a paying subscriber since it came to the United States last year. I literally listen to it every day, at both my work and home offices, as well as on my phone and in the car. However, I still maintain that you need Spotify, Google Music, and Pandora if you want to “have it all” when it comes to online music services. My lack of an iTunes endorsement is intentional.

And in case you missed it, here’s some 8-bit ’80s music that doesn’t suck.

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