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So is a Disney Star Wars theme park inevitable now, or what?

Disney Star Wars

Okay, you got me. This was all just an elaborate excuse to (poorly) Photoshop Mickey hats on Luke and Yoda.

I’m sure you’ve heard The Big Nerd News by now, so I won’t bother wasting your time with my own musings about Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars and what it will mean for the future of the franchise, how existing properties will be handled, and other nerdy things Star Wars nerds have been nerding on about for the past 3 days. As you might imagine, The League has A LOT OF FEELINGS about it. You can read some of their reactions here, here, here, here, and I also strongly recommend listening to this podcast for an appropriate gut-check of how you should feel about it. Bottom line is that Disney can’t possibly fuck up Star Wars any more than George Lucas already has. So I say bring it on, and I’m ready to crown Leia as the next Disney Princess.

My question is this: does this mean we will get a Star Wars-themed Disney attraction in the vein of Universal’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter or even its own park? Will there be R2D2 spinning teacups? I can’t be the only one who thinks Spaceship Earth is only a circular dent away from being the Death Star. The very idea of a Star Wars theme park prints money.

The first tentative steps into madness.

Vincent Price

Day 1 of the Countdown to Halloween is already behind us! Here’s a bunch of Halloween stuff that caught my eye around The League yesterday, in no particular order:

P.S. — 30 Days ‘Til Halloween

30 Days 'Til Halloween

5 Things I Care About More than iPhone 5 Today

Apple is holding a press conference to unveil the new iPhone today, which means it’s a slow news day for everyone else who doesn’t give a shit.

Here are five things that are not iPhone 5 that I’m choosing to give my full, undivided attention to:

#1 – The Release of ‘Double Dragon Neon’

Double Dragon Neon

Just released yesterday, this newest Double Dragon game is the 1980′s-themed old school beat’em up I’ve been anticipating all summer.  To pump myself up, I’ve been listening to the totally bitchin’ soundtrack all day. As soon as I get home from work tonight I’ll be kicking ass and high-fiving anyone/anything that can be high-fived.

#2 – The Brand New ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Trailer


#3 – The 25 Greatest Moments in TMNT History

25 Greatest Moments in TMNT History

Mark from TMNT Entity recently posted a really fantastic two-part countdown of the “25 Greatest Moments in TMNT History” over at Adventures in Poor Taste, complete with lots of images, quotes, anecdotes, and Mark’s own personal fan reactions. It’s quite lengthy but well worth the read. If you’re a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan or someone who’s not as familiar with all the various TMNT universes and want to learn more, it’s a must-read. Here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

#4 – This couch.

I want to say this is glorious, but glorious isn’t a strong enough word.

Nicolas Cage Couch

(ClintIsIceMan via Tumblr)

#5 – The World Trade Center in Movies

The World Trade Center in the opening shot of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

This wonderful site is a database of every movie the iconic twin towers of the World Trade Center appears in, organized by decade. For every movie listed, the site tells you where in the movie the WTC appears, and clicking the links will show you a screenshot. For example, the image above (if you haven’t recognized it already) is from the opening shot of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie from 1990.

How about you? Are you foaming at the mouth for every new tidbit of Apple-related news today…or not?

They chopped off his head with his own sword.

Sleepy Hollow

Even today, the Western Woods is a haunted place where today’s links will not venture.

Warner Bros. on Board with The CW’s Take on Sleepy Hollow | Dread Central

We’re One Stop Closer to an ALF Live Action/CG Hybrid Film!! | AICN

The 5 Best (and 5 Worst) Collectible Candy Heads | Topless Robot

Blue Hours Reviving Horror Radio Anthology Suspense on SiriusXM | Dread Central

Star Wars Auditions | Robot Mutant

The 10 Best Episodes of ‘The Tick’ Cartoon | Topless Robot

A Mass Effect Point-and-Click Adventure Game? Yes Please! | Kotaku

Classic Gaming Expo Offers a Decidedly Retro Take on Competitive Gaming | 1UP

‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ Indulges Your RPG Nostalgia | 1UP

Linkage from The League

When did UnderScoopFire Jump the Shark? | UnderScoopFire

New Batmobile Pick Up | The Sexy Geek’s House of Swag

Super Double Ninja Battle Bros. | Green Plastic Squirt Gun

Pinball and Arcade Games Out in the Wild!!! | Memories of Toymorrow

Homecoming #1 Preview from Aspen Comics | Team Hellions

Toy Hunter Premieres This Week! (August 15 @ 10 PM) | Cool & Collected

Vincent Price: House of Horrors #2 | Pendragon’s Post

Give me one more chance, Lord Skeletor, and we will succeed.


Today’s links are not in a giving vein this day.

Will the MOTU Reboot Have the Power to Make He-Man Cool Again? | The Mary Sue

Internet Archive Offers Up Hundreds of Free Movies as Torrents | Gizmodo

I Have Good News and Bad News about 48fps Hobbit | Topless Robot

Fistful of Rupees – A Legend of Zelda Western! | Topless Robot

When You Cross ADVENTURE TIME With Smash Bros. You Get Awesome | Kotaku

5 Things You Need to Know About AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM | Dread Central


Piracy is a fact of life, so why not just have fun with it? |

Haunted Papa Smurf Custom Figure! | Scary Crayon

All You Know About Ninja is Probably “Wrong” | Kotaku

Linkage from The League

What I Learned About FBDO | Flashlights Are Something To Eat

Say ‘Allo! to This Plush Labyrinth Worm | Green Plastic Squirt Gun

I stand up to Stephen King’s THE STAND: UNCUT ADDITION | Cavalcade of Awesome

Mailbox Invaders: TRON Figure | AEIOU And Sometimes Why

Black Dynamite is the Best Cartoon You Aren’t Currently Watching | DOUBLEDUMBASSONYOU

A toad, madam? Perhaps it is you who are the toad…

La Carlotta

Did today’s links NOT instruct that Box 5 was to be kept empty?

Andrew Lloyd Webber is Making a Game and it Will Undoubtedly Embrass You | Kotaku

VH1 to Launch New Series MISS YOU MUCH About Stars of the ’80s & 2000s | TalkTVWorld

The New HOBBIT Trailer Sure Looks Familiar… | UPROXX

The 9 Most Underrated Horror Comics | Topless Robot

WIZORB Paddles Over to iOS | Joystiq

Then 20 Killer PSN Games You Can Play Right Now |

Anime Review:  ‘Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day’ | Diehard Gamefan

21 Links Between Unexpectedly Shared TV Universes | A.V. Club

Linkage from The League

The Vintage Mr. T Remote Control Car Pities Fools | Lair of the Dork Horde

Universal Monster Rings | Monsterfink’s Midnight Monster Spookshow

DVD Review: WOLVERINE Anime (Sony) | Pendragon’s Post

Wax Paper Pop Art #24, T-M-N-T-Turtle POWER! | Branded in the 80s

Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Raphael Figure Review | Infinite Hollywood

New to the Collection:  Japanese Vinyl Invaders Batman | Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

Dad! Daaad! Dad! They’re shootin’ at me! They’re shootin’ at everybody!

Patrick Swayze in Red Dawn

Today’s links are goin’ to the mountains and gettin’ outta here!

First Sneak Peek Trailer & Images for RED DAWN | Hey U Guys

RED DAWN Remake Releases New Images from Production | Examiner

If You Ask Nicely, You Too Can Smoke Hookah and Hang Out with Dave Chappelle | UPROXX

The Top 20 Masked Movie Villains of All Time | ComicBookMovie

Harry Potter Fan Explains Wizard Genetics | The Escapist

Still Miss Buffy? You Should Be Watching Scooby-Doo | Wired

What Happened to the Action RPG? | 1UP

French Hackers Connect a Shock Collar to Sega Genesis, Obscenities Fly | Engadget

The 6 Most Terrifying Things That Literally Came Out of TV Screens | Topless Robot

Batman Gets Gamer Rage | Robot Mutant

Will Ferrell Goes Full Twihard Over the K-Stew/R-Patz Breakup | Team Coco

Linkage from The League

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the Ultimate Collection | Life With Fandom

Single Notes Book Review: Beastie Boys | Rediscover the 80s

Safety or Adventure? | Michael May’s Adventureblog

The Fifth Turtle (April O’Neil?) | Toyriffic

Friday Double Feature: Bert & Ernie and SUPER | Green Plastic Squirt Gun

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Display Downloads | Infinite Hollywood

I’m Convinced. Dan Akyroyd Hates All of Us. | DOUBLEDUMBASSONYOU

And then his dog started chasing my mom like the hounds of hell in Vampires Everywhere!

Frog Brothers

Today’s links are aware there’s been some very serious vampire activity in this town for some time.

5 Things You Might Not Know About ‘The Lost Boys’ on its 25th Anniversary | Indiewire

The 10 Best Television Sidekicks of All Time | SPIN

Amazon Instant Video Lands on iPad as Amazon Prime Members Weep with Joy | Gizmodo

The Price of Wine is Too Damn High (Also: “wine snobs” are full of bullshit.) | Gadling

‘My Sucky Teen Romance’ Heads to the Big Screen | Dread Central

Tom Hardy’s Bane Voice Sounds A LOT Like Zazu from The Lion King | UPROXX

Deadlight Review: Lessons for the Zombie Apocalypse | Joystiq

Rekindling My Lust for Adventure, One Page at a Time | Kotaku

See Vice City’s Final Mission as Imagined on a Commodore 64 | Kotaku

Why Do Morally Conflicted Women in Genre Fiction Always Die? | FemPop

Linkage from The League

Beep Bop Boop: My Favorite Video Game Musical Tracks | The Man Who Stares at Toys

The Cat Piano | Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

Aunty Donut and Her Amazing Wolfman Collection | Cool & Collected

‘Adventure Time #1: Marceline & The Screem Queens’ Sells Out, Goes to Second Print | Pendragon’s Post

2012 Ninja Turtles Toys Review | The Surfing Pizza

What’s “taters” precious?


For today’s links you can boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em inna stew…

Peter Jackson Confirms Third ‘The Hobbit’ Film | Shadowlocked

Is Warner Bros. Prepping a Sequel to ‘The Shining’? | Dread Central

Avengers TV Series in the Works |

Avatar 2 and 3 Release Date Postponed | FansShare

Dr. Horrible AND Hunger Games Coming to TV | E! Online

2001: A Michael Bay Odyssey | Topless Robot

Steam Punk + Kung Fu = TAI CHI 0 | AICN

The Momentum of New Games | Gamer Sushi

Fox News Stretches to Connect Video Games to DARK KNIGHT Shooting | Kotaku

Jim Henson’s Sketches for The Muppet Show Up for Sale | Huffington Post

Linkage from The League

Level 1: My All-Time Favorite Opening Stages in Video Games | The Man Who Stares at Toys

The WILLOW Movie Adaptation Paperbook SUCKS! | Lair of the Dork Horde

Top Hat Sasquatch Shirts are Here! | Tophat Sasquatch

Wolfmen of Mars – Murder at the Lunar Hotel (Album) | Sideshow Cinema

80s Cars: DeLorean DMC-12 | Rediscover the 80s

Where the fuck have you been? You could have at least texted me.

Machete Don't Text

Today’s links don’t text.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Machete Kills’ Character Poster Unveiled | The Hollywood Reporter

Nick Arcade was a Technical Marvel | Joystiq

Inside the Cult of ‘Dr. Who’ + The Greatest Cult TV Shows of the Past 25 Years | EW

Behold the Stunning 5 Minute International Trailer for CLOUD ATLAS | AICN

A Brief History of How Terrible Chick-Fil-A Is | UPROXX

The State of Computer Games…From 1984 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Official Proof that Modern Pop Music is Tool Loud & All Sounds the Same | Huffington Post

Batman and the Box Office – The Dark Knight Reigns | Hey U Guys

How Much Would it Cost to Become Iron Man? [Infographic] | Hey U Guys

Linkage from The League

*Alert* New Item Aboard the Cosmic Ark: Tomy’s Dingobt | Revenge From the Cosmic Ark

Sherman Hemsley Dies at 74 | Rediscover the 80s

Catwoman Purrrsday = Thoughts on Hathaway’s Catwoman | Toyriffic

Cowabunga! How the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Killed My Childhood | Top Hat Sasquatch

Lightning Gremlin | Toyriffic

Comic Review: TMNT Micro-Series: Casey Jones (IDW) | Pendragon’s Post

Hanna-Barbera’s World of Super Adventure | Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

Are these all your lunches?

Mr. Kimball - STOP IT!

You mean today’s links are eating other people’s lunches? STOP IT!

Angry Video Game Nerd Takes on Arnold Schwarzenegger | Paul Gale Network

10 X-MEN Action Figures with Uncannily Goofy Accessories | Topless Robot

‘American Psycho’ with Android Phones is Totally Perfect | Gizmodo

40+ Best Animated Art GIFs |

Here’s a Hearty Supercut of the Breakfast Scenes in Breaking Bad | UPROXX

Toejam & Earl is Sega’s Next Updated Classic | Gamezone

Vectrex: The Little Vector-Based Console that Couldn’t is Reborn on the iPad | Kotaku

SUPERWHOAVENGETORCHLOCK: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes | Chocolate & Cream Cake

Browser Game Pick: ASCIIvania |

Linkage from The League

Church Sale Retro Video Game Score | Green Plastic Squirt Gun

Goodtime Paperbacks Student Book News (February 1979) | Lefty Limbo

My Sammich is Moist | Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

Rhino Releases New eBooks on 80s Music Artists | Rediscover the 80s

Nerd Lunch Podcast #47 – Expanded Universes | Nerd Lunch

Superheroes are NOT Comics | Michael May’s Adventureblog

Just how fast do you fly?

Superman & Lois Flying

Today’s links don’t know, really. They never bothered to time themselves.

Fantastic First Teaser for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel | Hey U Guys

A New Age of Survival Horror Games, Thanks to Indie Developers |

Casting Call: A Fourth Christopher Nolan Batman Movie | Adventures in Poor Taste

Geeky Bras: TMNT, Star Trek, Nintendo & More  | ScreeneShoes – Etsy

Fox Shopping New Sleepy Hollow Series, Len Wiseman Attached to Direct | Dread Central

New ParaNorman Images Bring a Little Spooky to Your Day | Dread Central

Nothing Will Get You Out of Bed Quicker Than a Roaring Wookiee Alarm Clock | Gizmodo

From ‘Tetris’ to ‘Metroid’ – The “Hip” Tanaka Mixtape | Kotaku

Linkage from The League

My iPad Has Become a Portable Classic Arcade! | Lair of the Dork Horde

My Top 5 Favorite Batmobiles | The Sexy Geek’s House of Swag

Grimm’s Fairy Tales Animated Series?! | Team Hellions

Cool Stuff: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shoes | Tophat Sasquatch

War of the Monsters | Revenge from the Cosmic Ark

Pop Culture Art! | Tupa’s Treasures

Dracula Series Coming to Starz | Michael May’s Adventure Blog


There were times when I was doing Jack that I actually felt retarded.

Never go full retard.

Today’s links know you never go full retard.

Robert Downey Jr’s Memorable IRON MAN 3 Dance Intro at SDCC |

Here’s Some Amazing Pics of Sam Raimi’s OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL | AICN

Pixar Sequels Continue – Andrew Stanton to Direct Finding Nemo 2 | Hey U Guys

David Perry ‘Sure” New Earthworm Jim will Eventually Happen | Joystiq

Threadless Debuts Neil Gaiman Comics – On Tees! | Geeks of Doom

Atari Helps You See the Music | The Retroist

The Headtrippy Dyad Descends Onto the PlayStation Store Today | Kotaku

Linkage from The League

Shiny New Trailer for DREW: THE MAN BEHIND THE POSTER | Double Dumbass On You

Tuesday’s From the Toybox | Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

Evil Dead 2 Series 2 Figures – NECA | Action Figure Chat

The Sorry State of Thrift Stores | Green Plastic Squirt Gun

Avengers’ ITEM 47 Shown at Comic-Con! | Pendragon’s Post

Wait! You could die. At least tell me your name.

It's Not Who I Am Underneath

It’s not who today’s links are underneath, but what they do that defines them.


The Best (and Worst) Batman Comic Covers Ever | Adventures in Poor Taste!

Watch the Full Panel for ‘The Walking Dead’ (SDCC) | Dread Central

From ‘The Goonies’ to ‘Creepy’ – Chris Columbus Bringing Famous Horror Comic to the Big Screen | TG Daily

Watch all 53 Minutes of Comic-Con’s FIREFLY 10th Anniversary Panel Right Here! | AICN

Warner Bros. Releasing New BLADE RUNNER 30th Anniversary Blu-Ray | AICN

CCI: Kevin Eastman Co-Writes, Draws TMNT Annual | Comic Book Resources

Disney is Rewriting Your Childhood with Nostalgia for a Game that Didn’t Exist | Kotaku

House of Horrors: Anna Released | Joystiq

First Adventure Time Footage Shows Giant Worm King, Cosmic Owl promise | Joystiq

Linkage from The League

After These Messages! A Couple of My Favorite Commercials as a Kid | The Man Who Stares at Toys

Poisunday Ivy: The Origin of Poison Ivy | Toyriffic

Pet Avengers! | Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

Pinballz Arcade | Tupa’s Treasures

New Gambit Series from Marvel Comics | Team Hellions

Here’s the Opening of Nickelodeon’s TMNT Reboot!

So yeah, I’m pretty much in love with this new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show already and it doesn’t even air for two more months.

  • Awesome animation? Check.
  • Cool song? Check.
  • Badassery? Check.


Here’s a bunch of screencaps:

Baby Turtles

On a related note…

I just spent over $150 goddamn dollars on TMNT toys.





Have you any idea WHAT you did wrong, Mildred?

Miss Hardbroom Doesn't Care

Today’s links don’t care whose fault it was.

Game of Thrones Announces Season 3 Premiere Date & Tons of Cast, Including Dame Diana Rigg | AICN

Neil Gaiman Returns to The Sandman | Dread Central

‘Firefly’ Comic-Con Panel Live Blog: Joss Whedon Reveals How Series Should Have Ended | EW

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ Shows 10 Minutes at Comic-Con and Wins the Audience | AICN

The Weird, Wonderful and Sometimes Secret History of Nintendo | Kotaku

Okami HD Will Be One of the Most Beautiful Things You Can Do With Your TV | Kotaku

‘The Walking Dead’ Returns for Season 3 on October 14, 2012 | Dread Central

Daniel Radcliffe to Star in Fantasy-Thriller ‘Horns’ | The Hollywood Reporter

Fantastic LEGO Bag End Set Debuts at Comic-Con | Geekosystem

How Ellen Page is Transported into Beyond: Two Souls | Joystiq

5 Brilliant Mondo Posters & 3 Featurettes for ParaNorman | Hey U Guys

Nickelodeon’s TMNT Viral Campaign Asks You to Choose Your Side |

Retro Review: Are You Afraid of the Dark? | Adventures in Poor Taste!

Linkage from The League

Masters of the Universe Girls | That Figures

New Star Wars Original Trilogy Comic Coming in January! | Team Hellions

Comic Covers of the Week | Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

A Death Star is Orbiting Saturn!!! | Memories of Toymorrow

Hope you have a happy, murder-less Friday the 13th | Cavalcade of Awesome

Some Things I Want and Some Things I Need | Calvin’s Canadian Cave of Cool

You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done!

Wicked Witch Melting

Today’s links are melting! Melting!

See the Gorgeous Comic-Con Trailer for OZ: The Great and Powerful | Hey U Guys

Universal Courts Stephen Daldry to Direct Big Screen Adaptation of ‘Wicked’ | Deadline

2nd Season of ‘Legend of Korra’ is a Go! Nickelodeon Orders More Episodes | Nerd Bastards

Comic Movie News Trifecta: Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Joe Golem | Topless Robot

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs Delayed to 2013 | Joystiq

The Jesse Pinkman Guide to Identifying Bitches | UPROXX

Browser Extension that Converts YouTube Comments to Herp Derp | Gizmodo

The Weirdest Beatles Reference Ever [Sega CD] | Houston Press

Pinball RPG ‘Rollers of the Realm’ to Debut for XBLIG, PC, iPad in 2013 |

Linkage from The League

The “Fall” of 1990: 80s Movies Murdered by TV | Rediscover the 80s

Animatronic ROCK! | Branded in the 80s

Stuff Post! Yard Sale Finds! Giveaway! | The Surfing Pizza

The New Ninja Turtles are HERE! | Life With Fandom

SDCC Exclusive Monster High Scarah Screams | Green Plastic Squirt Gun

Help Support ‘Turtle Power’ the TMNT Documentary

Hey, remember that amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles documentary project I told you about back in March? Well it’s getting closer and closer to, you know, actually happening. But it can’t happen without your help.

If you haven’t heard about it, take a few moments to watch this trailer. It will make you feel like a giddy TMNT-obsessed kid in 1987 all over again.

How to Help:

If you’re a TMNT fan and you want this documentary to happen, here’s what you can do to help make it a reality:

#1 – Spread the Word

Please help spread the word about this documentary as far and wide as possible. Tweet about it, mention it on Facebook, post it on your blog, sky write it, whatever.

#2 – Chip in a Few Bucks

There isn’t a Kickstarter, but you can still contribute money if you’re able to via PayPal. All donations will go directly toward production costs.

#3 – Let the Media Know You Want It

Here are some links to help:

Viacom Corporate
Viacom Copyright Compliance Policy
Viacom Twitter
Viacom Facebook

Nickelodeon Copyright Compliance Policy (same email as Viacom)
Nickelodeon Twitter
Nickelodeon Facebook

Paramount Twitter
Paramount Facebook

TMNT Nickelodeon Twitter
TMNT Nickelodeon Facebook

Define “interesting.”

Oh God Oh God We're All Gonna Die

Oh God, Oh God, today’s links are all gonna die?

Hey Browncoats, That Comic-Con FIREFLY Reunion Panel Will be Televised | The Mary Sue

Daniel Tosh: Sorry for the Rape Joke | Chicago Tribune

Six of the Best – Before John Carpenter Lost His Way | Hey U Guys

Valve’s Source Filmmaker Ready for Public Use, Goes Open Beta | Joystiq

And So It Begins: Internet Cat Video Film Festival to Take Place Next Month | Gawker

David Lee Roght Wants Van Halen to Perform at the Next Super Bowl | UPROXX

Kinect PlayFit: Finally A Game Console Can Tell You You’re a Fatty | UPROXX

Shark Steals Fish Right Off Fisherwoman’s Hook | The Big Lead

Pixelated ‘Big Lebowski’ & Other Awesome Pixel Pop Art | Jude Buffum

This is What a $30,000 PC Gaming Room Looks Like | Reddit

Check Out Our Hotel Transylvania Image Gallery | Dread Central

Linkage from The League

Comic-Con Survival Guide | Pendragon’s Post

Book Review: Night of the Crabs | Eidetic Memory

80s Art That is Part of This Complete Breakfast! | Rediscover the 80s

TMNT Classic Collection Action Figures Now on Amazon | Top Hat Sasquatch

The Walking Dead #100 Review with Spoilers | Team Hellions

Please mister, let me go! My family will give you anything you want!

Buffalo Bill

It rubs the lotion on its skin or else today’s links get the hose again.

Anthony Hopkins Climbs Aboard The Ark for Darren Aronofsky’s Noah | Hey U Guys

Amazon Adds MGM Titles to Prime, Includes ‘Silence of the Lambs’ | Chicago Tribune

Several Horror Classics Coming to the Small Screen |

Hunger Games Finale to be Split Up into Two Films | MTV

What’s This? Actual Ghostbusters III News? Dear God! | Dread Central

Awesome ‘Game of Thrones’ Comic-Con Posters Revealed | Entertainment Weekly

The Crap Shoot: 10 of the Most Controversial Games of All Time | Hey U Guys

Kickstarter campaign for Android-based $100 console goes live | Gamespot

Cookie Monster Raises the Bar for ‘Call Me Mabye’ Parodies | UPROXX

The Best of Breaking Bad Comics | Buzzfeed

$99 Ouya Console Just Hit its Kickstarter Goal After Only Eight Hours | Kotaku

Hello Kitty Sonic is the First Character Collaboration from Sanrio and Sega | Joystiq

Penny Arcade Using KickStarter to Kick the Advertising Habit | MSNBC

Gamesplanet Lab Offers Kickstarter Alternative with Gaming-Focused Crowdfunding | The Verge

Linkage from The League

Top Ten Tuesday: Epic Monologues on Television | Geek It Till It Hurts

Batman Premium Format Figure | Action Figure Chat

Podcast #41 – Comic Con International Preview | UnderScoopFire!

“The Batmobile” Documentary Special Premieres Monday, July 16 | Pendragon’s Post

500th Post | Top Hat Sasquatch