Is it uncool that I’m really looking forward to ‘Double Dragon Neon’?

Double Dragon Neon

I can’t think of a more appropriate release date for Double Dragon Neon than September 11th. Like that day, this game will involve reflecting about terrible things from our past while simultaneously demonstrating our collective awesomeness.

Double Dragon Neon, Wayforward’s hilariously, garishly ’80s-inspired brawler update, will bring Abobo to a new generation starting September 11, when publisher Majesco releases the game on PS3 in North America via PlayStation Network. Double Dragon Neon is a new game that riffs on the style of the original Double Dragon, featuring “mixtape” powerups and multiplayer “bro-op,” a pun that is acceptable because the protagonists are literally brothers.

[via Joystiq]


High Five

I mean come on, you guys, it has bro-op! 

If that’s not enough to pump you up for a remake of the classic 8bit brawler, how about this Double Dragon theme remix? It’s fucking METAL. \m/


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