‘Pac-Man Portal’ is just like Pac-Man, but with Portals. Duh.

You might remember Mari0, that awesome Super Mario/Portal mashup game we saw earlier this year which armed Mario with a portal gun to solve physics-based puzzles in the made-over but completely familiar Mushroom Kingdom. Now Namco’s classic Pac-Man has been given the Portal treatment, so I guess adding portals to old, iconic video games is now officially “a thing.”

Pacman + Portal

Pac-Man Portal is an indie game developed by user DJ_smart for Russian gaming site IGDC. It’s not quite as awesome or finely-tuned as Mari0, but it’s a fully-functional Pac-Man game. With portals. And hey, it’s free.

The game is in Russian, which might be a turnoff, but it’s freaking Pac-Man so it’s not like you need words to play it anyway. Move Pac-Man around with the arrow keys, and use the mouse buttons to aim and shoot portals–left for blue, right for orange. The IGDC site is also in Russian, so here’s a direct download link so you don’t have to bother with Google Translate. Just un-RAR it and run the .exe file.

[via IndieGames.com]

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