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“The internet is for _________________. ” You answered “free games,” right?  Of course you did.  If you’re looking for some fun ways to waste time, you’ve come to the right place.

This page is dedicated to my personal, handpicked collection of favorite free online games and resources. It’s an eclectic assortment that includes retro arcade games, pure text adventures, indie titles, virtual toys, interactive fiction, hard-to-find classics, and random freeware games I’ve enjoyed.

Click on a TV set to launch a game:

iSketch The Kingdom of Loathing Maze: The World's Most Challenging Puzzle
iSketch The Kingdom of Loathing Maze
 Atari Arcade  Simon  Big Fish Games
Atari Arcade Simon Big Fish Games
Throw Man Down Stairs Cave Story Infocom Adventures
 Throw Man Down Stairs  Cave Story  Infocom Adventures
Duck Hunt  Robot Unicorn Attack Sonar
 Duck Hunt Robot Unicorn Attack  SONAR 
Sarien: Good Old Adventures  Ouija  Board  Lego Digital Designer
 Sarien: Good Old Adventures  Web Ouija Lego Digital Designer 
The World's Hardest Game Crayon Physics  Frets on Fire
The World’s Hardest Game Crayon Physics   Frets on Fire