The Best of Bud Bundy as ‘Grandmaster B’

Entertainment and marketing in the early 90′s was notable for finding a way to inject rap into everything that had no business being associated with rap–and I do mean everything–from cartoons to cereal commercials. Call it the Fresh Prince Effect, if you will. These things are embarrassing to look back on nowadays, but I assure you when I was ten, this was the height of cool. (Actually, I’m not sure if that Fruity Pebbles rap was ever cool. I think even back then I could practically feel myself being pandered to through our 25″ Sony Trinitron.)

When Married With Children did it, the results were hilarious, and to this day, completely forgivable. Bud Bundy’s identity crisis as Grandmaster B, “a bad boy rapper from the streets of New York,” were among my favorite episodes, and quite possibly also the reason why Raiders jackets were so popular at my middle school.

I found this Grandmaster B compilation on YouTube and decided that it doesn’t have nearly enough views as it should, so here you go:


My favorite thing about this video? It was uploaded by someone with the username 0ilikeboobies0. I think I just discovered Al Bundy’s secret YouTube account.


When the hat is on, he’s street rapper Grandmaster B. This is important.

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