The Factuary: ‘Game of Thrones’ is “Downton Abbey with Rape and Dragons”

The Factuary: Game of Thrones Explained

The Factuary is quickly becoming one of my new favorite YouTube shows. It’s a series of condensed “everything you need to know about random subject X” videos created, written and hosted by Guy Branum for Thrash Lab. It’s great for busy people with two jobs, a busy gaming schedule who also run a blog (know anybody like that?) to get caught up on pop culture knowledge and digest books, TV shows and other media with complicated subject matter.

Oh, and did I mention they’re fucking hysterical? Take this 2:44 minute explainer for Game of Thrones, for example:



Here’s some other subjects I found enlightening: Tupac Shakur vs. Notorious B.I.G and the Evolution of Dubstep.

New episodes of The Factuary arrive every Thursday.

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