‘Unstoppable Fist’ is Pixelated Mullets, Asskicking, and American Pie

Reason #227 why I should get an iPad:

Unstoppable Fist Screenshot

Unstoppable Fist is an early ’90s throwback iOS game with a 16-bit aesthetic where you endlessly punch the living shit out of things with your gigantic, ham-sized fists. Like chickens. And its set to music that makes me homesick for Streets of Rage.

Stop whatever it is you’re doing and take 49 seconds to watch this indescribably rad trailer:


You gotta love the action hero. Dude dresses like Miami Vice and has a long blond mullet Dog the Bounty Hunter would be jealous of. According to the game trailer, he (awesomely) arrives to Earth in a comet—but he lands in a trailer park? I’d be pissed off too.

Good thing there’s an endless supply of zombie piranhas to punch in the face.

Punching a Piranha

I don’t even care that the reviews for this game aren’t that great. I would totally spend 99 cents just to be this guy for a few minutes.

[Thanks Touch Arcade!]

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